We Are Celebrating Our 28th Year

Under The Same Ownership

At Park Avenue Gymnastics, we offer a variety of classes for boys and girls of all ages & skill levels from Mom & Tot through Competitive team. We offer classes in Gymnastics, Tumbling & Trampoline, TaeKwon Do, and Swimming. We also do dynamite birthday parties! It is our goal at Park Avenue to develop fitness, character and self-esteem in children through the sport of Gymnastics.

By enrolling your child in classes, you will be helping them improve their strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. At the same time they will learn discipline and improve their cognitive and motor skills. All of this and the opportunity to meet and make new friends and have fun exercising!

“Kids Can’t Get Enough of This Place!”

Rave Reviews

Michele Rogatinsky – Ben Gamla Charter School Walk-a-thon Coordinator

Your staff worked wonderfully with our children in an engaging, energetic and fun manner!! The students loved the games and activities that Park Avenue Gym had planned! The behavior management and respect that your staff commanded among the children was remarkable!

Adam Potash – Coach from Intensity Gymnastics

I just want to say thank you for all your accommodations for the 2014 Cruise Classic. The meet you put on went very well and all my gymnasts had a great time. It was a great start to the season. Thank you again and we look forward to doing more meets in the future.

Jordan Leland

Park Avenue Gymnastics provides fun and productive classes. I attended park avenue growing up and now I bring my daughter for her classes. My daughter loves all of the instructors. Mrs. Carolyn has really built a relationship with my daughter. We are so lucky to be apart of this gym!

Stephanie Dinneen – Best Gymnastics place ever!

I have been to quite a few other gymnastics places and this one is the absolute best. Besides the greatest staff ever, my daughter has been going there for almost 3 years now, the colors are fun and the place is super clean. I just had her 4th birthday there and it was out of this world great. So many of my guest got info. to sign their kids up there. Definitely the best facility in all of South florida.

Amanda Sue (Entin) Nichols -Park Avenue Gymnastics – Highly Recommended!!!

For over 11 years I was a competitive gymnast at Park Avenue Gymnastics. Gymnastics can be a great activity for any child, providing athletic training while teaching the values of hard work, persistence, patience and friendly competition. I was never very good, but I kept going back (and my parents kept sending me) year after year, because the enthusiasm and support from the coaches and staff made it so fun that I didn't care that I wasn't a future Olympian. Park Avenue is responsible for some of my best childhood memories, and I hope that people who read this review will let the amazing staff of Park Avenue do the same for their children.

Charlie – Broward’s Leader in Caring, Commitment & Fun

Park Avenue Gymnastics has been the leader in Broward Gymnastics for over 25 years and with good reason. Everyone knows that while many try to immatate, no one shows the commitment, caring, and down right enthusiasm for the sport. The staff at Park Ave not only teach your children the meaning of sportsmanship, but also how to have fun, be safe, and leave healthy lives. This place has been around for generations and will be there for many more.

LLV – Solid Programs

I have had my daughters in recreation and team classes in some form over the past five years. Their facility is spacious and clean, and the owners take pride in the classes/birthday parties/team level competitions. The coaching staff is stable - rather than at other gyms where the coaches seem to change sometimes yearly. It has been my experience that the coaches are well trained, prepare the girls for competitions, and Park Ave usually finishes at the top for many levels which may be competing that meet. Most importantly, I have always feel that my children are SAFE at this gym !


I left another gym in Weston because the preschool teachers had NO clue how to spot my children. It was very unsafe! I decided to try out Park Avenue and was very impressed. Not only were my children safe, they were challenged and did not look bored! We were all, so happy with Park Avenue we signed up immediately! My kids have since, ask everyday to go to gymnastics. When before I had to bribe them to go. I advise all parents to go to Park Avenue don't waste your time and money at any other gyms!


I am a team parent, and after traveling to other gyms around the state, I am very impressed with the cleanliness of Park Avenue. The team coaches are very dedicated to their jobs, and seem to really enjoy the kids. They stay up to date with the latest and greatest information for gymnastics. The owners take pride in their business/gym,and are always open to new ideas. I would like to correct some of the other reviews-Park Avenue usually finishes at the top of the meets!

C. H.

Park Avenue is a clean facility, something hard to come by in a gymnastics school. They take pride in their work and their job of teaching young children. They care for kids and it shows. Park Avenue Gymnastics prices are a good deal for multiple siblings enrolled in classed. The kids leave the class tired, smiling and wanting to come back week after week. Highly recommended.

K. O’Brien – Great experience

We have tried a couple local gyms and by far Park Avenue has been the most organized, professional and fun place. My daughter loves all the coaches and enjoys taking classes here. My son occasionally attends the camps and he even said ""Mom this place is way more organized and more fun than any other gym I have been to"".

Deanna Holden – Park Avenue A Must To Look At!

My daughter has been at Park Avenue since she started Mom and Tot and is now a level 10 gymnast. Not only has Park Avenue taught my daughter gymnastics, they have taught her dedication, determination, discipline and leadership. She has become a role model to the younger gymnast and plans on continuing in college. I highly recommend Park Avenue for any child who is interested in gymnastics, tumbling, trampoline, etc. We have some of the BEST coaches in South Florida!

Tania Villalon – Park Ave is the best gym in the area!

My daughter started gymnastics this year. We tried a few gyms around the area  and decided to stay at Park Avenue. We are very happy at Park Ave. It feels like a family. The coaches are really organized and truly care for your kids and the classes are not overcrowded. We would not trade Park Ave for any other gym. I highly recommend Park Avenue!!!

Mary H. – No other place!

Park Avenue Gymnastics is absolutely fantastic! My son and daughter both attend their for class and my daughter recently had her birthday there. The birthday coordinator for our party was Kelly and she was absolutely wonderful and extremely nice and helpful. She and her team made everything as easy as possible for us and everyone at the party had a blast and didn't want to leave! Don't believe the hype about the other gyms and about how wonderful they are because we have attended other gyms and I can promise you their is no other place like Park Avenue!

Leslie H – The BEST in town!

I was recommended to Park Avenue by a friend. My children attended a free tryout class and LOVED it! My children begged me to join. We come twice a week, and they still ask to come to more classes. My children have been excelling in gymnastics and have learned so much from their wonderful instructors. We HIGHLY recommend Park Avenue to everyone!

John K. – Clean & SAFE!!!

This is by far the most organized and well run gym in south Florida. It's also CLEAN. My girls absolutely love it at the Weston location. The staff is incredibly knowledgable about the sport and how to keep my girls smiling. I watch every class and there is never a time that I feel they are told to do something they are not ready for. We've tried another local gym and they just did not compare with the hospitality and the staff at Park Avenue.

Debbie M. – Best Place To Have A Birthday Party

My daughter recently had her birthday there and I have to say that it was the best birthday party she has ever had! I will certainly never forget how happy my daughter was. We had Kelly, Charley, and Torrie and they were wonderful. Kelly was the first one to introduce herself and she was in charge of the party. Kelly was amazing! She was very helpful and made sure every child was having fun and had a smile on their face. Torrie was good because she played with the kids and made them laugh and as for Charley, he was SUPER funny when he kept slipping and falling when they were playing games and the kids thought he was hilarious. Her favorite part is when Kelly and Torrie did flips over the kids! I am definitely having my party here again next year!

Stacy R. – Best Place in Town

We love Park Avenue! I starting going to Park Avenue for open play every Monday and Wednesday 11:30-12:30 with some friends. We did a free trial class and was hooked. I have 3 kids and my kids can't get enough of this place. Their classes are inexpensive and the teachers are very experienced. I have a boy in rec classes and he has learned so much a short time. His strength is incredible and his skills have improved much. I also have a child in preschool classes and she won't stop asking me if today is gymnastics class. She never did gymnastics and can now do a cartwheel and great handstands all thanks to her fantastic teachers. We went to a party here and can't believe how structured and great the staff was. My kids had a wonderful time and we booked our party here soon after. I would highly recommend this place to all families! Best place in town!!