Name: Pamela Greenberg
Nickname: Pam
Hometown: Miami, FL
Location: Cooper City Gym
Job Title: Co-Owner
Worked at Park Avenue Since: 1986 (26 years)
Years of Experience: Taught Mom & Tot and Preschool classes from 1986-2004 (18 years). Taught Kindergarten in Dade County for 10 Years.
Gymnastics Certifications/Credentials: USA Gymnastics Safety Certified
Education: Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education from Florida International University
Personal Interests: “I enjoy cooking and entertaining, traveling, trips to the spa, stained glass and mosaics and yoga.”
Quote: “The family atmosphere we have created at our gyms is unmatched. From our cleaning staff to our team coaches, camp counselors, instructors and office staff, everyone here is our family. It has always been that way and it will always be that way at Park Avenue.”