Our Rainbow Stars Program

Park Avenue Gymnastics has designed a multicolored star system to chart your child’s progress. We call our system “Rainbow Stars”. Each child is placed in the appropriate class based on the skills they can successfully demonstrate, and moves through the star system as they learn more difficult gymnastics. We use this system to provide a safe and fun learning environment for all of “our gymnasts.”

Your child will be evaluated throughout the year and will move levels once they’ve achieved their skills. We also hold a special awards ceremony 3 times a year to give the parents an opportunity to take pictures while their gymnast receives their Gold Medal and certificate. Your gymnast will receive a certificate of recognition signifying the highest color star that they have completed. This will indicate their progress and placement in classes.

Awards Ceremony Dates:
2019-2020 Dates TBD

Pre-School & Boys Recreational Classes

  • Beginner Classes will be working on Red, Orange & Yellow Stars.
  • Intermediate Classes will be working on Green,Blue & PurpleStars.

Girl’s Recreational Classes

  • Beginner Classes will be working on Red Star.
  • Intermediate 1 Classes will be working on Orange & Yellow Stars.
  • Intermediate 2 Classes will be working on Green & Blue Stars.
  • Advanced Classes will be working on Purple & Gold Stars.

In order to advance through our system, your child must pass the stars indicated for their class level before they will be moved to a more advanced class. Our progression system helps teach your child the importance of setting goals and striving to achieve them. At the completion of the gold star in the Girl’s Recreational Program your child will be eligible to either try-out for our competitive team or join Team Xcel.

Please feel free to speak with the instructor to find out how your child is progressing.

It is our goal at Park Avenue Gymnastics to develop fitness and character in children through the sport of gymnastics!

Reminder: “The Rainbow Star” system is not a pass/fail situation.

Rainbow Stars was designed and intended to indicate each child’s current level of gymnastics skill. It is important that Parents help their children understand the importance of mastering each level before moving to the next. Park Avenue wants all of “our gymnasts” at the level where they will not only be the most successful, but where they will be the safest.