Attention Team Parents,

It is time to start planning our Senior Scrap Books.  We have 4 seniors the year:  Brooke Hagerott, Lindsey Pascucci, Jessica Klein, and Francis Klein (Tramp Team).  At Park Avenue we celebrate those athletes that have the strength, determination, and fortitude to stay in the sport of gymnastics until they graduate.  We recognize them with a picture on our “Senior Wall” and give them a gift of a scrapbook to take with them to remember their Park Avenue Family.

If your child is a level 7-10 gymnast or on the Optional Tramp team they are required to do a page for their seniors and donate $5.00 (give to Kathy) for the purchase of the books and filler pages.  I would also like all senior parents to do a page for their child.   All other team members have the option to do a page either individually or with a teammate.

All pages should be standard scrapbook size.  They can include poems, stories of when you first met or saw the seniors for the first time, or just good luck wishes for their future.  Feel free to include a picture of yourself, or a picture with the senior before or after practice.   Please remember it is one page for each of the senior gymnasts.  The girls know they get the scrapbooks, but let’s try to not be too obvious.

All scrapbook pages are due by March 15th.  Please turn into the front desk.  The more participation we have, the better the scrapbooks.

Thanks to all in advance for your participation.

Kathy Semok