Attention Team Parents:

It’s time to get a move on the basket fundraiser. I need volunteers to be team leaders. Please visit the team bulletin board to sign up to organize the team baskets.


These are the volunteers I have so far:

  • Level 1 Girls:
  • Level 2 Girls: Dawn O’Brien – Technology Basket
  • Level 3 Girls: Lynette Nicholson – Ultimate Tailgate Basket
  • Level 4 & 4-6’s Girls:
  • Level 6 – 7 (First Year) Girls:
  • Level 7 (2nd Year) – 9 Girls: Lori Meacham – Lottery Ticket Basket
  • Boys Team:
  • Tramp Team:
  • Team Xcel:

I would like to have the basket items done by the end of August. (2 weeks away) If you are volunteering, please see the front desk for your levels team roll sheet.