Girls Advanced (Back to School 2024)

Girls Advanced

Girls Advanced, a 85 minute class for girls ages 8-12, is the pinnacle of our Girls Recreational Gymnastics program. Advanced gymnasts have successfully completed the skills outlined in all prior levels and will continue to progress in their gymnastics skill set. The goal of the Girls Advanced class is to continue to learn and perfect more advanced gymnastics skills while increasing their strength, flexibility and ability to perform the skills with outstanding form. Through evaluations, fun meet participation, and teacher recommendations they may earn an invitation to join our competitive team. 

New this year, we have started Park Avenue’s Xcel Prep Team. This beginning level of competitive gymnastics which will help the gymnastics gain experience and expertise by having them compete in 5 “in-house” times throughout the year in the comfort of their own gym. This will be a great time for both athletes and parents to learn about competitive gymnastics.

Our tuition is based on all 12 months having an average of 4 weeks. This allows us to close early on Halloween, have a Thanksgiving Break in November, 2 weeks of Holiday Break in December, Spring Break in April, as well as, a couple closures due to gymnastics competitions that we host at our gym.

We do not charge more for “long” months nor less for “short” months. Over the year, all 12 months average to 4 weeks. Every day has either 37 or 38 classes throughout the entire school year.

Here is some important information you should know before registering.

*All Teachers are subject to Change

Regular Class Schedule

Prime Time Schedule

*Prime Time Classes are Monday – Thursday Classes with 4:00pm or 4:30pm start times and Saturday morning classes with 8:30am start time.