Hi Everyone!
We checked on the gym today and everything is good except for a couple inches of water in the bottom of the pits. We had expected that and took out a lot of the foam as many of you may have seen in our FB post. We have a crew there now draining the water and cleaning it up. We are having to get rid of tons of foam but have already re-ordered $10,000.00 worth of replacement foam. (YES, it’s very expensive!)
We plan to be open for regular classes beginning Wednesday, September 13th.
The 2017 Penguin Invite will run as regularly scheduled on September 16th & 17th.
We will have a special workout on Tuesday, September 12th (for Level 1-4 Girls ONLY). We’ve missed out on some of your last practices before the compulsory season starts and we want to make sure you are ready. Please respond to this post so we know who to expect/who not to expect tomorrow. (You don’t need to respond if you are in any level other than level 1-4 girls)
As far as the fundraiser goes, we are looking in to extending it since we missed out on many days worth of ticket sales. We will let you know once we decide how much longer we are going to extend the fundraiser and what  the new drawing date will be so you can pass it on to those who have already purchased tickets!
Hope everyone did okay through the storm and came out with minimal damage. We are looking forward to this getting back to normal.

Amy 🙂