PARK AVE LOGOAttention Compulsory Parents:

It’s time to schedule your Parents meeting.

If you gymnast competed Level 4 last season, there will be a general parents meeting with Kathy to discuss mobility on Tuesday July 29th @ 5:30pm. Please make arrangements to be here.

For Level 3’s, please see the team bulletin board and sign up for an individual 10 minute meeting with either Amy or Kathy to discuss your gymnasts progress and where she will competing in the fall. These meetings are mandatory.

All meetings require the gymnast and parents to be present!

For Level 1’s, 2’s & all Optionals (Level 6 & up), if you would like a meeting with your coach please email them and request a day /time before the end of summer.

  • Kathy:
  • Amy:


Amy & Kathy