We would like to introduce our 2 Fantastic New Team Coaches, Monica & Laura. Both Monica and Laura are helping coach our Level 1-3 Gymnasts, as well as, Team Xcel. Please make sure to say hello, introduce yourself to them, and help welcome them to our Park Avenue Family!

Monica Spitery

For those of you who don’t know me my name is Monica Spitery, I’m 25 years old and I’m originally from Venezuela but I grew up in California. I started gymnastics at my school in Venezuela and competed there until I was in 2nd grade. After that my parents decided to move to another town that did not have gymnastics; so I could only practice on the grass or on any small wall I could find to use as my balance beam.

Finally in 2003 my family and I moved to Walnut Creek, CA where we found a gym which I made my second home. There is where I learned English and was finally able to practice and compete gymnastics for about 2 more years.

After quitting my coach asked me if I would like to start coaching pre-school classes so I did and I fell in love with coaching. I ended up coaching girls young pre-team, older pre-team, and level 4 as well as pre-school classes. I coached for 4 years until I decided to move to Miami to be with my family in 2011.

I am now getting back to coaching after taking a small break because after trying different things I realized coaching gymnastics is what I love to do! Thank you Park Avenue Gymnastics for giving me the chance to be part of this team!


My name is Laura Bobeica. I’ve been doing gymnastics since I was 7 years old, at the same gym in Romania where Olympic Champion, Nadia Comenaci trained. Gymnastics has always been a part of my life. Watching not only Nadia but other great gymnasts like Lavinia Agache, gave me inspiration and pushed me harder than I ever thought possible.

I challenged myself to be a better gymnast by pushing myself and by the age of 13, I was part of the Junior National Olympic Romanian Team. It was the most rewarding experience of my entire career as an athlete.

I have been coaching for the last 12 years, the last year and half in the United States and I’ve been at Park Avenue since August 2014.

Gymnastics is my passion. I loved practicing the sport, I love to watch the sport and now I love to coach the sport. Growing up, I had wonderful coaches who guided me along the way and helped me achieve my goals. They pushed me harder than I ever thought possible, giving me confidence in my own abilities as a gymnast. My goal as a coach is to pass along that passion, mentorship, and confidence to my gymnasts.